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Mechanics of Materials :: MINES ParisTech

You will find below an english version of a plasticity course previously developed at Mines ParisTech (former 3122 course, in french mms_paris ).

The purpose of the present version, devoted to plasticity, is to shed the light on non linear material behaviour. It introduce the classical material models in plasticity and viscoplasticity, and explain how plasticity influences component design. Various ressources are available, in order to make self-teaching easy: they can be reached for each new section through the left hand side menus. This list shows also mini-projects, that allow the visitor to escape from exercices and academic solutions.

Each section contains a pdf file corresponding to the course itself, several exercices (some of them interactive) with a full correction, and an illustration, through a practical exammple, showing how the subject may have an influence on practical applications.

The site is in development, you are looking at the version uploaded on September 30
Comments are welcome, please mail to Georges Cailletaud (Mines ParisTech)

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