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21-25 June 2010, Paris

Course description

The short course "Contact mechanics and tribology" unites contact mechanics, tribology and computational methods in order to provide a consistent and comprehensive framework for the following developing contact related branches of science. The course consists of 6 lectures, 3 seminars and the practical work with the Finite Element Analysis package ZéBuLoN. The lectures are given by people working or worked at Centre des Matériaux (MINES ParisTech) on contact related topics, the seminars are given by experts in microtomography, aeronautical contact related issues and coating manufacturing and the practical work is performed with assistance of PhD students working and developping the FEA package ZéBuLoN.



Finite element labs:

Course web page

On the course web page you can find the course schedule and its printable version, description and full presentations of the courses and seminars as well as of the practical work and a list of people involved in the course. Also you can find some practical information about how to get to the MINES-ParisTech (Ecole des Mines), where the course will be held, and how to get to the Centre des Matériaux, where the WEMESURF meeting will be held. Some useful links and detailed information about entertainment program can be found here.

Course lecturers

Georges Cailletaud (Rheology, Contact mechanics: basics),
Jarmila Savkova (Experimental approaches to contact mechanics),
Stéphanie Basseville (Contact mechanics: basics),
Eva Héripré (Contact mechanics: damage),
Henry Proudhon (Experimental approaches to contact mechanics),
Saber El-Arem (Finite Element Method),
Julian Durand (Contact mechanics: damage),
Siarhei Dubouski (Contact mechanics: damage),
Lingtao Sun (Contact mechanics: damage),
Vladislav A. Yastrebov (Computational contact mechanics, Contact mechanics: basics).


Henry Proudhon (Using X-ray microtomography to probe microstructure and damage of structural materials),
Michel Jeandin (A Socratic approach to cold spray of wear-resistant coatings),
Thomas Dick (Fatigue and wear prediction in blade-disc fixings of aero engines),
Eva Héripré (Fatigue and wear prediction in blade-disc fixings of aero engines)

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